Requirements for ferry visitors entering Russia without visa

Requirements for ferry visitors without Visa:
- return must be in 72 hours, starting from the ferry arrival to St. Petersburg
- passport should be valid 6 months after the ferry arrival to St. Petersburg
- shuttle bus ticket (included in the package) 
- hotel reservation voucher if the passenger stays overnight in St. Petersburg (included in the package)

- migration card will be given during check-in and it must be returned filled out during St. Petersburg passport control

- travel insurance is obligatory for Russia

In train or flight travel for obtaining of Russian visa in your own country

We will supply you with a visa support document. This Visa Support Letter will be issued for the dates of travel booked by Futurist.
For the visa support letter the following information is needed:
  • full name as written in passport
  • date of birth
  • nationality
  • number of passport
NB. The passport has to be valid for minimum 6 months after the tour to Russia.
Russian entry visa can be obtained in Helsinki only for citizens of some countries. Read more at Visa for citizens of other countries may be applied for in Helsinki only when travellers have permanent residence or working permit in Finland. Rates upon request.
According to the regulations of the Russian Consulate in Helsinki the normal time for obtaining
a visa is 8 days. Upon request the visa may be applied for in 3 working days.
Rate for obtaining of tourist visa in Helsinki is 100 EUR per person for EU citizens.
Delivery of visa documents
EUR 12 is charged for delivery of visas.
Additionally all eventual freight, express, special mail/delivery costs will be charged
Information regarding obtaining of visa only (with client’s own visa support), transit visas and business/invitation visas upon request.
In case entry/departure by car, a tourist visa by car must be applied for all passengers.
What is needed for obtaining of the tourist visa?
  • a duly filled visa application form of the Russian Consulate (to be filled at Important to fill in all personal details (working place, address, telephone number etc.). The form should be signed, no changes/corrections by hand are allowed afterwards. 
  • one colour passport photo (not older than 3 months)
  • original passport which must be valid for six months after the expiry date of visa
  • valid travel medical insurance
  • Visa Support Letter (from Futurist)

Electronic visas to St Petersburg

Electronic visas to St Petersburg and Leningrad Region - As of 1 October 2019, citizens of a number of states (the list of the states is attached) will be able to obtain electronic visas (single entry e-visas for business, humanitarian and tourist purposes) for travelling to St Petersburg and the Leningrad Region. E-visas can be obtain...Read more